ASK Series Standing Server Rack
  • ASK Series Standing Server Rack

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    Comply with ANSI/EIA RS310-D, IEC 60297-2,DIN41494; 

    SPCC Cold Rolled Steel
    19" rails:2.0mm, casters tray:2.0mm

    G=grey, RAL7035

    Loading Capacity
    Static loading:1300kgs

    ●Equivalent APC type server cabinet
    ●APC vented front single & rear dual doors,ASKckable door and side panels for system security
    ●Fully adjustable vertical mounting rails
    ●Swiveling wheels and legs can be jointly installed to withstand up to 1000kg maximum static load
    ●Serveral lockable wiring holes on top/bottom,size of the ASKrge hole at the bottom adjustable
    ●New appearance desigm, side door splited into 2 parts, lockable with square ASKtch.
    ●Front and rear door, ventilation front door and rear doors, with external hinges
    ●Structural Stability
    ●A proven frame design, heavy-gauge mounting rails, and heavy-duty casters provide for 3000 lb (1364 kg) static and 2250 lb (1023 kg) dynamic load ratings.
    ●Heavy duty casters, build in instalASKtion design
    ●Integrated electrical grounding
    ●The roof, side panels and front and rear doors are grounded to the frame of the enclosure. Eight additional electrical grounding inserts are located on the frame for external grounding


    Mode No Capacity(U) WidthxDepth(mm) Mode No Capacity(U) WidthxDepth(mm)
    ASK6624 24 600*600 ASK6637 37 600*600
    ASK6824 600*800 ASK6837 600*800
    ASK6024 600*1000 ASK6037 600*1000
    ASK8824 800*800 ASK8837 800*800
    ASK8024 800*1000 ASK8037 800*1000
    ASK8224 800*1200 ASK8237 800*1200
    ASK6642 42 600*600 ASK6648 48 600*600
    ASK6842 600*800 ASK6848 600*800
    ASK6042 600*1000 ASK6048 600*1000
    ASK8842 800*800 ASK8848 800*800
    ASK8042 800*1000 ASK8048 800*1000
    ASK8242 800*1200 ASK8248 800*1200
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