ASP Series Standing Network Cabinet
  • ASP Series Standing Network Cabinet

    Category:Network Rack&Cabinet
    Tags:Network Cabinet

    Comply with ANSI/EIA RS310-D, IEC 60297-2,DIN41494;                
    SPCC Cold Rolled Steel               
    19" raiASP:2.0mm, side panel:1.0mm               
    G=grey, RAL7035               
    Loading Capacity               
    Static loading: 800kgs               
    ●Exquisite design with precise dimension and craftsmanship               
    ●Several style of front and rear doors options available               
    ●Adjustable feet and heavy duty castors are available simultaneously               
    ●Cable entry on the top cover and bottom panel with adjustable sizes               
    ●Optional installation of plinth to enable cabinets fixation,under-base cable entry/ventilation               
    ●Efficient and reliable cabinet connection by baying kit               
    ●Remoable side paneASP to ease maintain


    Model No. Capacity  WidthxDepth  Model No. Capacity  WidthxDepth 
    (U) (mm) (U) (mm)
    ASP6618 18 600x600 ASP6637 37 600x600
    ASP6818 600x800 ASP6837 600x800
    ASP6918 600x900 ASP6937 600x900
    ASP6018 600x1000 ASP6037 600x1000
    ASP6622 22 600x600 ASP6642 42 600x600
    ASP6822 600x800 ASP6842 600x800
    ASP6922 600x900 ASP6042 600x100
    ASP6022 600x1000 ASP6242 600x1200
    ASP6627 27 600x600 ASP6645 45 600x600
    ASP6827 600x800 ASP6845 600x800
    ASP6927 600x900 ASP6045 600x100
    ASP6027 600x1000 ASP6245 600x1200
    ASP6632 32 600x600 ASP6647 47 600x600
    ASP6832 600x800 ASP6847 600x800
    ASP6932 600x900 ASP6047 600x100
    ASP6032 600x1000 ASP6247 600x1200
    Model No. Capacity  WidthxDepth  Model No. Capacity  WidthxDepth 
    (U) (mm) (U) (mm)
    ASP8618 18 800x600 ASP8637 37 800x600
    ASP8818 800x800 ASP8837 800x800
    ASP8918 800x900 ASP8937 800x900
    ASP8018 800x1000 ASP8037 800x1000
    ASP8622 22 800x600 ASP8642 42 800x600
    ASP8822 800x800 ASP8842 800x800
    ASP8922 800x900 ASP8042 800x100
    ASP8022 800x1000 ASP8242 800x1200
    ASP8627 27 800x600 ASP8645 45 800x600
    ASP8827 800x800 ASP8845 800x800
    ASP8927 800x900 ASP8045 800x100
    ASP8027 800x1000 ASP8245 800x1200
    ASP8632 32 800x600 ASP8647 47 800x600
    ASP8832 800x800 ASP8847 800x800
    ASP8932 800x900 ASP8047 800x100
    ASP8032 800x1000 ASP8247 800x1200


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