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What is the Fiber optic attenuator?

Fiber optic attenuator as an optical passive devices for debugging which used for optical power in optical communication system performance, debugging fiber-optic instrument calibration correction, optical fiber signal attenuation. The use of the product is mixed metal ion attenuation of optical fiber, and can the  optical adjust power to the level required. It expresses the total loss of an optical system, measured in decibels per kilometer (dB/km) at specific wavelengths.


Fiber optic attenuator components serve single-mode and multimode fibers across industry standard product ranges. Plug fiber attenuators utilize male/female ceramic ferrule connectors. Fixed value attenuators function at one loss level, while variable attenuators like the variable optical attenuated jumper (VOA) can adjust loss in a range, as by a turning screw. Patch cord attenuators are fibers that combine the functions of the patch cord and attenuator, reducing costs.

The hybrid fiber-optic attenuator connects male-to-female connectors, while the bulkhead type provides a female-to-female link for two male-connecting fibers. Loopback attenuators allow production testing of simulated losses.

The proper connector type for a given situation is indicated by decibels. For example, reducing optical intensity by 5 decibels would require a -5 dB attenuator. These components are employed in telecommunications networks, local area networks (LAN), and cable television (CATV) systems. Fiber-optic attenuator components can also be used in fiber-optic sensors, testing instruments, and fiber to the home. Compact, environmentally sound, and suffering low return losses, these devices can be embedded into optical fiber networks fitted to the wide variety of industry standard connectors and fibers.

Fiber optic attenuator uses:

Optical fiber communication systems, fiber optic CATV ,measurement of high-power optical devices used for the attenuation of the input optical power, avoiding the distortion due to the super leaving the optical receiver input optical power.

Fiber-optic attenuator Category:

According to the type of port can be divided into several categories as follows:

SC fiber optic attenuator: applied to the SC fiber interface with RJ-45 connector, it looks very similar, but the SC interface seems to be more flat some obvious difference between the inside of contacts, if it is 8 thin copper contacts, RJ-45 connector, if it is a Copper Cylinder SC fiber interface.

LC fiber optic attenuator: applied to LC optical interface connected to the SFP module connector, it uses easy to operate modular jack (RJ) latch mechanism made??. (Commonly used in routers).

FC fiber optic attenuator: applied to FC fiber interface, external strengthen the way the use of metal fastening method for the turnbuckle. Generally used in the ODF side up (patch panel).

ST fiber attenuation: Application to ST fiber interface, commonly used in fiber optic patch panels, shell round in shape, fastening methods for the turnbuckle. (For 10Base-F connections, the connectors are usually ST type commonly used in fiber optic patch panel).





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